All guests are welcome to enjoy the Doonreagan facilities, ranging from hill walks to sea swimming and sauna and sea pool.

We welcome all our guests to enjoy the Doonreagan facilities, be it walks over the land, sea views, garden, sauna/exercise area, sea swimming and sea pool, windsurfing, dinghy sailing, or time spent in the games, reading and conference room.

The land

Our land, with two small islands, comprises approximately 60 acres. The area is being landscaped with the intention of enhancing the walks and views, providing access to Cashel Hill and some of the ancient remains and early dwellings by use of the old droving roads.

Ancient remains


The garden is planted with a wide variety of azaleas and rhododendrons, especially suited to Connemara’s acid soil. Though essentially a spring garden, it has paths and a bower that are inviting all year round.

Swimming and sea pool

Sea swimming is available in the cleared area by the Kelp House on the foreshore. Tides are widely variable on the west coast of Ireland, and you are advised to be aware of the water depth before swimming. The shoreline is rocky and, where it has not been cleared, covered with weed. The walkways and steps can be slippery, so care is advised to avoid injury.

You must on no account jump or dive into the sea pool. Children must be accompanied by an adult and not be allowed to climb on the sea pool wall.


The sauna is on the first floor of the Kelp House. It is heated by a wood-burning stove and instructions for its use are attached to sauna. Please read these instructions carefully before using the sauna.

Exercise facilities

There are exercise facilities for use by experienced gymnasium users.


The full-size dressage arena by the Kelp House is available for sports or riding. It was purpose-built for the training and marketing of Connemara ponies.

Mooring and jetties

There are two jetties, which were built for the seaweed industry in the 19th century. Both face into prevailing winds. There is also a deep mooring available 100 metres off the main jetty. Any mooring is carried out at your own risk. If in doubt, the main harbour across the bay can be used as an alternative.

Windsurfing, use of Zodiac inflatable and Pico Dinghy

For those who are proficient in windsurfing and sailing in similar conditions, there are three windsurfers, a Zodiac inflatable and a Pico dinghy available in the Kelp House.


The arena is occasionally used as a helipad. Anyone wishing to use the helipad must notify us first. The pilot must be conversant with the area and qualified to use an unmanned landing site.

Games and reading room

Books may be borrowed from the reading room as long as you take care of them and remember to return them.

There are tables for card games, bagatelle, pool and ping-pong.
The large puppet theatre is lit by electricity and children must be supervised when using it.

Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars are welcome and encouraged. Please notify us in good time and advise what your requirements are. Up to 50 attendees can be accommodated.


All guests are responsible for their own safety. We do not accept liability for loss or injury of whatsoever nature occurring on our property or at sea. By deep water features, such as the lake, sea and sea pool, children must be accompanied by an adult.

We look forward to welcoming you to Doonreagan. Robert and Ann Jocelyn.

This project partly funded by the Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development Scheme